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Short Evening Dresses As Yapeng by the media crowd

Le 18 septembre 2013, 12:39 dans Humeurs 0

Birthday Party DressJanuary 3 this year , is the eldest daughter Dou Jing Tong Faye 15th birthday . Faye fishing show in Guangzhou Jin , Tong Tong in Hong Kong opening party with her friends at carnival . Hong Kong media actually photographed, Faye friends uphill street poetry Carolina drunk and vomiting, Tong Tong and his daughter was helped home. And this time , Tong Tong on lodging at the mountain home. I do not interpret this news, but I could see , but it is the sad carnival .

Short Evening DressesAs Yapeng by the media crowd , " bald " , personally think the media is really bad taste , but revealed during the news also appears to contribute to the crisis .Faye caught in a midlife crisis , frequently out of tune on stage , the audience is microblogging control , not without neurotic microblogging control . By the end of 2011 , she microblogging ridicule Jay's " Chrysanthemum Flower Bed " like a metaphor for diarrhea , but also rewrote some lyrics : " Chrysanthemum Flower Bed , Montreal hurt , smile has yellowed , life on paper ," and said : "Who dares said daisy station does not mean the toilet ? "Finally, she had to apologize for this subtle .

cleatsshoesstoreJust the other day , she was on the microblogging wish a friend a happy birthday , but it is written , " You come to me climacteric weave to your blog ...... I dive jump ..Fans can put as innocence , but if Freud resurrection , he might be seen libidinal find the exit . Chrysanthemums and toilet flavors , menopause ridicule, perhaps revealing Faye deepest decadence and struggling - Life is like a toilet , bright white , but filth ; people like excrement , came out, and rushed go, but some large pieces , some pimple.

kyrie irving jerseyFaye Buddhist, perhaps she faced a midlife crisis sustenance it ! I suddenly remembered Li and Chen Xiaoxu , they also believed in Buddhism , a monk, a death , they now have to get rid of the crisis. But I believe that Faye Wong will be in their own way , to defuse the crisis . I just believe , not a prophet . And I believe that , thanks to built on top of her . Thank you in our teens , bringing so many lovely songs , accompanied us through countless dry night, so that they become moist ; Thank you for giving us so much to bring his girlfriend kill K song tracks, while we listen again many times .'s out of tune, but has gained in mid-February that her concert in Chongqing, the Chongqing media publicity for her to do the title is "Faye rehearsal even sing six times" may "not out of tune." In the end of the concert, Chongqing media for her celebration, made ​​headlines also "Faye Wong concert singing full two hours without significant out of tune." What is the "pigs as teammates"? It played yes ah!


cheap mlb jerseysJust like you found a cockroach in the kitchen, they will find more cockroaches, Faye unlucky once started, they had to continue unlucky. February 17, Faye Wong concert in Chongqing audience Taiwan collapse accident occurred, a dozen spectators were injured. In the next day's concert scene, Faye simply mention this: "Yesterday things, I hope you do not affected the mood, hoping to enjoy happy tonight." Then fill the sentence "thank you." Idol is really infinite power, for a man to say, may have been on the stage Jiuxia Lai from the masses to.

dinner party dress In 2010 she finally comeback

Le 18 septembre 2013, 12:39 dans Humeurs 0

Chanel iPhone 5 Leather CaseEveryone could see , is the Faye Wong singing crises. Sound condition when she was young , very good, transparent, clear , ethereal , but the years are the Sha Zhudao , and now her voice , already covered with earth pyrotechnic gas , bass tremble , treble tight. This is not a state , but of voice itself. In fact she was out of tune is not starting this year, in 2010 her comeback concert , also sing in the treble region hack . Describe the audience , "Just as an unprovoked bamboo split into two parts ." Faye Wong Meng Meng then patted the mouth , the audience has also been given to understand, even praise : " out of tune all go so nicely ."

mlbfanstoreBut fans easy to cheat , professional ears and their ears Faye bad lie . We are all well aware that her voice is no longer as in the past is so sterling silver, she is no longer able to fill the gap to harness old songs. A friend listened to her concert , said to be seen in all the concerts , the worst song technology , " Qiruoyousi " , "like walking a tightrope ." I am looking for Faye Wong 's comeback concert video, friends, then somewhat exaggerated , but it is not slander. Singing without complex peak, but the appearance of Faye crisis , in my opinion , she probably is facing a profound midlife crisis . Her back was to defuse the crisis , let yourself down deeper.When a person is in the eye of the spotlight, she can easily get tired , depending on the fame of dirt , head fans for the sucker , so she wanted to retire , did not want to kill the paparazzi , her husband wanted a quiet life , with children , watching movies , as usual , like shopping, throat itch, also with a friend to K a K song.

j.r. smith jersey Faye got this life. Although occasionally some media interference , but overall, she enjoyed a few years of quiet home life, had taken refuge in the sand , like sand , water droplets , like hiding the sea. However , Faye Wong is not an ordinary sand , she is a diamond in the sand , not ordinary water droplets, is the drop in the amber . She can not be completely retired . Right to retire from her, quiet as daily necessities, no longer a luxury , it is also no longer so attractive . Shan Hu tsunami had people worship , they may stab out from the memories , deeply moved by her talent to her aggressively . And there beside her thrust people would not stand to see a generation days to become a housewife , a slight comeback as long as she desires, they will divvying came , the Queen for her new clothes.

2013 f50Her microblogging veggieg, there are seven million fans, but not certified. But even if not certified , and the world people know veggieg is Faye Wong . She does not want to be certified microblogging is like a stealth fun ; but her microblogging or be made ​​public , she was not destined to stealth - She is not completely lonely determination, Vanity Fair and the fans did not give her loneliness rights .

dinner party dressIn 2010 she finally comeback . Her comeback to enjoy the glory of the old days , but also broke the quiet lifestyle , which might make her role confusion . Faye housewife alone , there will be problems ; separate Faye Wong , there will be problems ; rather Housewives Faye Wong Faye + , there will be double the problem .